Theming Service

£120.00 - £6,000.00

Product Overview

When we build your online shop initially, it will be using a standard design which comes with your monthly subscription. There are several ways you can customise this to your own brand, such as adding your own logo and changing the accent colours to match your company colours.

There are also a handful of other "Free" design themes that you can choose to switch to, and also some more advanced "Paid" design themes that you can purchase for a one-off fee, and then customise those.

Finally, if you want a unique design to you, we can create a fully customised theme for you. This can be a fairly complex piece of work, depending on your specific requirements, but it can also set apart your website from others.

We recommend you get your website running well with all of your products and information pages first of all, and confirm to yourself that you have a product that people want to buy online and that you can fulfil these orders well.

Once you have an established site, you can consider upgrading the theme. You can add this product to the basket at the £0.00 price if you would like to start a discussion. If you have already discussed this with us, select the quoted price and purchase the product to have the agreed work scheduled.