Magento Support

£240.00 - £1,200.00

Product Overview

Once you have created your website, you may well be in a position to go and do everything yourself. If so, that's great and we wish you well! :)

If however, you need some specific help with anything to do with your online shop, you can use our "Magento General Support" service which can help you with any aspect of your online shop on Magento.

The way this works is that you buy a set amount of hours of support by choosing from the options on this package and paying online. Once we receive your order, we add that to your account and you can send in a support request to our supports system. We send you full details on how to do this.

We record the time spent on your requests by the minute, and we will always send you an update after completing or stopping a task to let you know how long you have left.