Custom Functions

£5.00 - £1,000.00

Product Overview

If you have very simple products, then you will probably not need any "Custom Functions" on your online shop. For example, if you sell T-shirts and they are available in different colours and different sizes such as  Red, Yellow, Blue and Small, Medium, Large, then it will be very straight-forward to set this up in your online shop.

There are often occasions however where special requirements come up that can't be done with the built-in tools of the website, and we need to ask one of our programmers to create some special tools, or we may recommend you purchase an "Add-on" to your website which has already been programmed, but has an additional cost.

An example might be if you sell curtains, and you need to calculate a price based on a typed in value for Curtain Width and Curtain Depth.

We can very quickly identify where you will need a custom function, and provide you with a price for it. We will ask you then to purchase this product and fill in the quoted price in order to have the work schedule.