What is "Headless Commerce"?

Posted by Jonathan on 8th Sep 2020

What is "Headless Commerce"?

What is
Headless Commerce?

You have heard of Headless Chickens in eCommerce but what is Headless Commerce?

The world of eCommerce and websites is full of jargon like many other areas of specialisation, and it can be very daunting when someone mentions a new term in a meeting sending you running to Google on your phone to understand what it actually means?

Over the last couple of years, "Headless Commerce" has become a thing, but what does it actually mean?

Like most jargon, the definition varies depending on the context, but in terms of eCommerce and your online shop, my interpretation of it is that it simply means that you have an eCommerce site where you add all of your products and take your orders, but that you will sometimes want those products to be displayed somewhere else - on another website, or on another marketplace such as Instagram or eBay or a facebook post or contained in an email. Headless Commerce allows you to have your products with a "Buy Now" button on them leading the customer back to your checkout to complete the process.

The advantages of this are that you only need to maintain your products in one place - you don't need to specifically add them to another platform and create a problem for yourself in keeping them up to date in 2 or more different places. But also your orders are coming in to your central location to be processed as usual.

The platform that we work with now, BigCommerce, is automatically set up to do quite a lot of the "Headless Commerce" functions that you might want to do with its option to put products on different channels.

There are no doubt much more technical explanations about what "Headless Commerce" means, but for most small or medium sized eCommerce site owners, this is pretty much all you need to know. If you use BigCommerce you probably already have all the tools you need to be operating in the "Headless Commerce" arena!

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